Logos and styles

Success depends on how thoroughly your logo is developed, as well as the style of your company. Could your client distinguish you between the other competitors on the market? Does your logo reflect the meaning of what you are doing? Our designers will come up to you with ideas and generate style, size and colours so your logo will be bright, memorable and relevant to your business.


Aivako offers full range of IT services for your company, including development of your web page, brand or idea. Currently we have worked on development design of more than 40 web pages for companies in different business fields including financial institutions, online shops and night clubs.


Main service that we offer to our customers is design. Our designers teaming with art directors and managers will find the most appropriate way to serve your needs and tasks. It doesn’t matter what would it be an update for your web page or creation of a new one. We design brochure sites, internet shops, web pages for financial and legal services institutions.


Our programmers will develop an algorithm of any potential difficulties with your idea. We can help to integrate into your system any modules from different developers: such as authorization on social networks, or switching to hotel reservation systems.

Printed materials

Development of printed materials for your company with different possibilities: business cards, booklets, flyers and information materials such as journals, brochures, posters and others. Ideas, page-proofs and printed works are created by our company with your participation.


We get compliments for fast responses on any message or inquire in our technical support team. 100% of all inquires get an answer during one working day. We also support all of our projects that are already in use.