Completed projects: website, logo
Quote: Dažus gadus atpakaļ uzņēmuma Aviako vadītājs Igors Porohs piezvanīja mums un piedāvaja savu dalību kā brīvprātīgais mūsu mentoru projektā bērniem bāreņiem. Tajā laikā mēs tikko uzsākām labdarības aktivitātes, un mums bija nepieciešama sava mājaslapa un logotips. Igors un visa Aviako komanda nolēma atbalstīt mūsu projektu un iesaistījās logo un mājaslapas izstrādē. Ko varam teikt tagad, kad mūsu mājaslapa jau ir gatava? Aviako ir saliedēta komanda, kas veic darbu, ieguldot tajā ne tikai profesionalitāti, bet arī savu sirdi. Izstrādes procesā bieži radās jaunas idejas, un Aviako speciālistiem nācās pielāgoties izmaiņām darba gaitā. Līdzās kvalitātei, precizitātei un darba ātrumam ļoti priecēja savstarpējā komunikācija – visas apspriedes bija stingri pēc būtības, loģiskas un bez lieka „ūdens”. Aviako vēl joprojām ir mūsu uzticamais tehniskais atbalsts.
Client: Alianse Latvija bez bāreņiem, Irina Čžou, Alianse Latvija bez bāreņiem / Valdes locekle
Completed projects: website
Quote: Большое спасибо за работу. Замечательный опыт, особо надо отметить такт и понимание AIVAKO, способность выслушать и понять реальную нужду, что и даёт в итоге оптимальное решение. В нашем случае и процесс и результат были на высшем уровне, мы остались полностью довольны. Особенно порадовала поддержка и "доделки"- в итоге мы получили именно то, что хотели. И по адекватной цене. Рекомендуем и желаем успехов! Ещё раз большое спасибо!
Client: Maksim, SIA „AIRMED”/CEO
Completed projects: website, logo
Quote: Уже почти 4 года сотрудничаем с AIVAKO, теперь уже и по новым проектам. Креатив и качество работ и так видно, а вот подход команды к работе и требованиям заказчика - на высоте! Способность реагировать на срочные задания, техническая поддержка в экстренных ситуациях (даже по устаревшим проектам) - такое редко встречается! Так держать!
Client: Alex Doroskovs, Escape Room / CEO
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: Лучшее сотрудничество всех времен! Спасибо компании AIVAKO, настоящие профессионалы своего дела! Спасибо Вам, за проделанную работу на высоком качественном уровне и в точно намеченные сроки!
Client: Gintars Ozols, SIA Maryfit, owner
Completed projects: style
Quote: Cooperation with AIVAKO was pleasant. Everything was done professionally. Our desires were guessed and implemented in the design, even in those cases when we really could not explain what we want.
Client: Yury Bukahrov, manager
Completed projects: website, logo
Quote: On behalf of the company's management and on my own, I would like to cheer the AIVAKO team for putting our ideas into practice. Despite rather specific requirements, certain difficulties in regulating вумудщзьуте of the site and corporate style, all our requirements and tasks have been fulfilled fully. It was very pleasant that all our requests for changes and additions, even those that were not always on time and sometimes unpredictable, were taken into account and AIVAKO team reacted responsively. Thanks to the company, we were able, by the 25th anniversary of the company, develop a corporate identity and ut in use modern website, thus combining our experience and history with the technologies of the 21st century. Separately, I would like to note the fulfillment of all tasks on time in full agreed upon amount, which is very important in our business. We continue to work on the next project and we are sure that we will get exactly what we need.
Client: Aleksandra Kozlova, SIA BRIZ/ Administrative director
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: We are satisfied with works quality and proceed our cooperation with Aivako company using their technical and information support of our webpage. Moreover, we plan to use services of the company for optimizing our project. In the workflow process all our requests and inquiries were taken into account. It is comfortably to work with professionals who are quick in answering all the questions during the project with GOLDENLINETOUR webpage. It is stated with confidence that company carries out all the conditions and has a responsible approach to the issue. We are satisfied with our cooperation and recommend AIVAKO company as a reliable performer.
Client: Edgar Beimanis, SIA „GOLDENLINE”/ Owner
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: "My tasks were not simple.

Logo has to be individual, has to bring calm and reliability. Web page itself has to be easy to use with maximum information in it.

Guys got the task 101% it was really pleasant to work with them, because it is significant when everything is made quickly and qualitatively. I would like to thank personally Vadim Pavlovich! I got an impression that this guy doesn't know such words as: no, I don't know, or I can't! Great, superb! Respect"!
Client: Maxim Sitnik, RusPartner / Managing director
Completed projects: logo, style, website, website, app
Quote: «We like to work with this team, we did a lot of different projects together and guys really understand our wishes. Projects were made on time and I really want to recommend Aivako to my colleagues and partners».
Client: Alexander Sirotkin, Asirius / CEO
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: «Awesome!»
Client: Sergey Soboleff, Soboleff inc. / Founder
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: "Many thanks to Aivako company for such a great work. Your creative approach to what you do it is amazing. Thanks to your professionals our web page is bright, understandable and very easy to use for us and our clients. Work is of high quality and in terms previously agreed. And thank you for the further technical support! We wish your team further successful accomplishments of all interesting ideas, bright and significant events and further flourihing of your company".
Client: Svetlana Belova, Nicole Smile / Member of board
Completed projects: logo
Quote: "I am absolutely satisfied with the work of Aivako professional team. All my intentions were clearly put into work and delivered in a highly professional way. Thank you for such pleasant cooperation!"
Client: Eketerina Meija, AMSE / Founder
Completed projects: logo, website, website
Quote: "I am satisfied with our cooperation. I had definite experience previously, so I manage to compare. Especially I liked, that all my suggestions were taken into account and corrections were made without any additional payment. I would like to emphasize professional approach of the team".
Client: Igor Ox, BBCRiga / Managing director
Completed projects: logo
Quote: "Surely I am very satisfied of work of Aivako team. As a customer I work with Aivako for the second time and I can state that all my further projects I am sure to order from this team. Everything was very clear, beautify and what is the most important on time. Love you!"
Client: Karina Kocheeva, K Ryn / Founder
Completed projects: website
Quote: "I am satisfied with developed web page and cooperation with Aivako company. While developing the web page manager was very clear while answering my questions and the terms agreed before the start of the project were observed. I would like to thank Aivako and surly will recommend them".
Client: Valery Golubov, Samouspeh / Founder
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: "We are absolutely satisfied with work of Aivako team, as well as design development and further technical support. Team work was highly professional and completed all the tasks, payed attention to every detail that seemed unsignificant from the first sight but though important, they made all the additional work we asked. Thank you for such a professional approach and what is the most important that you love what you do!"
Client: Diana Bondarenko, BeGenteel / Founder
Completed projects: logo, gift card
Quote: "We have plenty of pleasant emotions from the cooperation with Aivako. First what impressed a lot it was absolutely professional approach. When we met you made us think on the aspeckt we were not considering at all. Your team took into account all our wishes. Any additional correction of image was made in short terms not paying attention to holydays and weekends. We had an impression that you read our thoughts and saw our dream concept as it was. But you haven't stopped on this step you made our logo more up-to-date and it was even more than we had expected. While working with your team we felt united. We kept this connection sharing our ideas and the result was greate. Short terms that took for accomplishment of required tasks with so many offered variations to choose was really astonishing. It was complicated to choose and we had to form family council to choose the best variant. We were looking for the web page developer company for a long time and we haven't mistaken. We are proud that we chose you. It is hard to find real talent nowadays, but we have found it in Aivako without any doubt you have proved your uniqueness".
Client: Elena Romanova, Postremo / Founder
Completed projects: logo, website
Quote: Очень рад, что сотрудничал с компанией Aivako. Очень хорошие сотрудники, знают свое дело. Прислушиваются ко всем мелочам и воплощают задумки клиента в жизнь.
Client: Roman Glazkov, Gojurs / CEO