Website of an apartment building in Jurmala

Added to portfolio: 01 Apr 2018
Task: to develop a site, to make photo shooting and promo video for the company selling apartments in an apartment building in Jurmala.
Description: Jurmala Park House is a large house with 98 apartments in the heart of Jurmala. Opposite the house is a pine park, in a 10-minute walk legendary concert hall "Dzintari", and behind it beach and sea.

Aivako has developed a convenient, modern and informative website for potential property buyers in Jurmala. On the site you can see the appearance and location of the house itself. Consider the plan of each floor and each apartment in detail. If necessary, download pdf with the plan and detailed information of the objects you like.

Due to the installed video cameras you can watch live broadcast from the roof of the house at any time in any place in the world. In the afternoon, when the sun is shining, a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea opens up.

Along the site Aivako experts made a beautiful promotional video and photo shoot.

About client: The company was established for the purpose of real estate sales. This is a house in Jurmala for 98 apartments.