Webpage for the quartz lamp sales company

Added to portfolio: 01 Sep 2018
Task: The task was to develop webpage sho-window for company AIRMED that sells and manufactures quartz lmps.
Description: "Company AIRMED provides possibility to secure yourself and your family from ""attacks"" of hordes of germs and infections. Equipment is also for a large groups of people: desinfection of a large conditioning systems or for UV water purification of municipal systems.

Main task of the site is to show all possibilities that are mentioned above. For keen and curious people to answer all the general questions of the physical essence, application and features of quartz lamps.

AIRMED company not only resells equipment but also designs and manufactures its own quartz lamps. So the employees of the company themselves are experts in this field and not ordinary sellers."

About client: AIRMED is a company that sells and manufactures ultraviolet air (and water) disinfectants