Web page for Smart Foodie restaurant reservation system

Added to portfolio: 01 Jan 2016
Task: to develop and launch a restaurant reservation system, that will be helpful for restaurants, bars and hookah bars to promote unpopular days and time.
Description: We created, designed and developed web page for Smart Foodie start up.

This is reservation system for restaurants, cafes, bars and hookah bars, that provides an opportunity to have a discount for the total sum of the bill.

You choose the restaurant and discount, pay small fee for the reservation and go to the restaurant on chosen day and time. When you come to the restaurant tell the waiter name of the person who made the reservation and that it was made through smartfoodie.lv service. Enjoy your meal and get the cheque with your discount.

Smart Foodie system will perfectly suite those, who are thoughtful on how they spend their money and do not spend more if they can make some clicks and get a significant discount.

About client: Smart Foodie — it’s a system of reservations for restaurants, bars, cafes and shisha bars for foodies. Smart Foodie provides an opportunity to get significant discounts.