Web page for seminar "Weekend with Artemy Lebedev Studio"

Added to portfolio: 05 Jul 2016
Task: plan, organize and hold seminar teaming with managers and designers of Artemy Lebedev Studio
Description: Designers and managers of Lebedev Studio are best in the field of design they know how to manage the projects. They create websites, interfaces, navigation, objects, corporate styles, books, fonts, and improve the premises, buildings, streets, and entire cities.

Target audience of the meeting with Lebedeva Studio designers and managers are designers, managers of designer companies, businessmen, and representatives of administration.

We developed the web page, organized and holded the meeting with top designers and managers of Lebedev Studio.

About client: Aivako company has planned, organized and implemented seminar with leading professional from Lebedev Studio, titled "Weekend with Artemy Lebedev Studio", in Riga, on July 5th and 6th, 2014