Web page for pharmacy company BRIZ

Added to portfolio: 01 Sep 2020
Task: to develop new functional and up-to-date web page for pharmacy company.
Description: Our task was to develop new web page for Briz company maintaining at the same time continuit, as the company has its traditions. Company is operating since Latvia gained its independence already for 25 years.

We had to develop simple and understandable web page for their target audience and simultaneously up-to-date. Company's clients are many drugstores, hospitals, distributors and manufacturers of different pharmacy products.

Company is an exclusive representative of a many large manufacturers in Baltic states, as well as the largest private net of drugstores in Belorus (200 drugstores). Company produces medicine (has necessary certificats). We are specifically proud that we had developed new web page before the company's 25th anniversary.

Aivako team wishes new achievments and many years to flourish on the European pharmacy markets and CIS countries.

We would like to express our gratitude to Aleksandra Kozlova for her help during web page development process.

About client: BRIZ is a company that operates on the market of phermaceuticals' for 25 years.