Popular showman Sergey Soboleff web page

Added to portfolio: 20 Oct 2016
Task: develop non-standart web page for public figure with a good taste.
Description: Main task: design has to be inspiring, fashionable, funny and unusual. Web page users have to understand at once that if they are looking for the host that will entertain them with banal competitions, they got the wrong address.

Designer was able to find the perfect combination between real overdose and boring platitude. The work with fragile images and meanings will inspire everyone. Images on the web page are to be explored and examined.

About client: Soboleff Inc — is a brand of Sergey Soboleff the popular showman, emcee and video blogger. Two componetes of Soboleff Inc brand are — taste and humor. If you would like to have a standart party, make sure you do not call Sergey.