PersAt company logo

Added to portfolio: 01 Apr 2016
Task: development of logo and corporate style for HR company.

Aivako redesigned the logo of PersArt Company, developed the brand book and provided recommendations for logo use.

The founder of the company Evija Jasune implements Socionics in practice.

This is the study of informational metabolism. It is considered that exist 16 types of the people. Each type in its own way processes the information.

That is why some people like the society of other people and dislikes the society of the others. That is why some types are better for the definite work and others are meant for another work types. That is why a man chooses definite woman and they live happily and couldn’t get together with the other woman.

About client: PersAt is derived from Latvian phrases "personāla atlase" (staff selection), "personāla attistība" (staff development), "personīga atteiksme" (personal attitude), "personas attistība" (personality development).