Multilukss web page

Added to portfolio: 18 Aug 2016
Task: to draw patterns for new web page for Multilukss.
Description: Working by new design of Multilukss web page we introduced some new elements of corporate style, that will be used in the future not only on the web page but also on the corporate documents. Corporate pattern, specially drawn for the Multilukss company was positively approved by the client.

The main task of the client was to use main colour of the company — violet. The task was difficult because of the colour specifics — bright and saturated it should be used rather carefully.

Web page will be administrated by the client himself.

About client: Multilukss shops Latvia are the only shops that deal with cosmetics and household chemicals retail from Russia, Ukrain, Poland, Check Republic and Belarussia. Multilukss stores chain sells the biggest brands: Kalina concern, Novaja Zarja, Svoboda, Elfa, Belita, Viteks, Joanna.