Logo for the Versailles meat processing complex

Added to portfolio: 05 Dec 2020
Task: to develop a logo for the meat processing complex in Russia
Description: Versailles is a meat processing complex in Velikiye Luki.The combine produces a wide range of meat products: sausages (boiled, smoked, liver, raw, etc.), sausages, sausages, delicatessen products from pork and beef, semi-finished products ...

The name was born completely spontaneously and has no direct associations. Neither with the place, nor with the country, nor with palaces and parks, nor with the founders of the company.

The fact is that the founders have tried about 1000 names in one way or another related to meat, sausage, industry, production, food, taste. And all those who liked - were already busy. Therefore, one of the founders, completely desperate to register the name, proposed this option.

Before the development of the logo we were asked to cover two conditions:
1. Do not use chateau Versaille and everything the is connected wit it.
2. Do not use meat, sausage, cows, pigs etc.

About client: Versailles is a meat processing complex in Velikiye Luki (Russia).