Logo for charity organization

Added to portfolio: 07 May 2018
Task: разработать логотип для благотворительной организации, которая работает с детьми-сиротами в Латвии
Description: A year ago we set a goal for our company Aivako - 1 charity project annualy. And such project was found. We decided to make a website and logo for the charitable organization "Alliance Latvia without orphans".

Founders of the Alliance found an effective, necessary and useful way to help orphans. This is something that stands between one-time rades into an orphanage for holidays (children in orphanages call these adults sponsors) and adoption (which can not be afforded by every person for plenty of reasons).

For the last year and a half, Alliance has successfully implemented a project "One Hope", which aims to find for every child from an orphanage an adult mentor.

Special thanks to the designer Elena Kirmir, who came up with the idea and a logo!

About client: This is charity organization. Central project of the organization is "Mentoring". Organization finds, trains and supports mentors for orphans.