Logo and outdoor sign for Tower Cafe

Added to portfolio: 01 Aug 2018
Task: to develop logo and layout for the cafe
Description: We were hired to develop cafes logo, as well as stickers for windows and doors facade decoration. Cafe is on the first floor of the multi-storey residential complex Panorama Plaza, consisting of 2 towers.

That is why the name Tower cafe was chosen. "For the logo title were used caps styled as 2 towers. This makes the logo memorable and causes direct visitors associations. Now also remembering the location of the cafe is no problem for local residents the main target audience.

We also developed additional style-forming elements that can be used in the design of a cafe. We drew the recognizable contour of the Old Riga and a neutral urban landscape that brings us to the towers. As if in real life we ​​were moving from Old Riga to Pardaugava and reached the towers and cafe."

About client: Tower café - it’s a café which is situated on the first floor of Panorama Plaza.