Company GOJURS website

Added to portfolio: 10 Jun 2016
Task: to develop a website for the company GOJURS.
Description: We developed a web page for studio GOJURS. The goal — to show and give the opportunity to purchase finished products, rent various costumes and talk about beauty services that the buyer could order to be sewed.

On the page, you can order any GOJURS women's clothing, except underwear, and, partially for men: trousers, jackets, shirts, vests. Also, GOJURS deals with repair of clothes of any complexity.

On the website, you can order specially designed professional clothing for you employees in bars, cafes, offices.

About client: GOJURS company deals with tailoring since 1999 up to the present day. Our customers love ordering from our company, because we employ highly skilled professionals with great experience and imagination.