Capital property web page

Added to portfolio: 30 May 2017
Task: to develop web page for the company selling real estate in Latvia.
Description: We are working with Capital Property company (earlier - RusPartner) already for many years and had many projects during this time. Now company decided to change its name and develop new web page. We were dealing with development of web page and programming, as well as some corrections to the design because Client alread had created design.

In addition to traditional real estate trade, Capital Property develops a very interesting field - profitable real estate. Profitable real estate in Latvia is divided on residential and commercial real estate.

Residential Real Estate are apartments, which are rented out, earnings from rent is between 5 - 8%. If you have purchased an apartment in a big city, you will never have trouble finding tenants.

Commercial real estate income could be stores (streetretail) with a long-term lease, hotels, clinics, business centers or profitable apartment houses. Commercial real estate profits in Latvia are between 10 - 25% annually.

About client: Capital Property is deaing with real estate in Latvia and provide consulting services on any step of cooperation.