Added to portfolio: 07 May 2016
Task: development of logo for financial organization.

Naming of the company was derived from the name of its founder ALEXANDER and star SIRIUS.

Alexander knows how the money works, knows the meaning of it, how to handle, how to maintain and multiply the profit. He discovered his own philosophy based on personal perception, worldview and experience, as well as experience of authorities that introduced same views (Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo Schäfer, etc.)

Aivako supervised this project. We found and worked with the designer from England, generated ideas for the logo, administrated the whole process. Afterwards the work with logo was done we developed the brand book for the client with recommendations and rules of the proper use of the logo.

Guidelines on the use of the logo and corporate style.

About client:

Money is energy and an instrument to achieve our goals and dreams