AMSE company logo

Added to portfolio: 26 Mar 2016
Task: development of logo and corporate style for brand clothes.

AMSE is a new brand in the world of fashion. Founder and inspirer of this brand is Ekaterina. She created the idea and made the first sketches. It was important to understand and do not spoil her idea, because the sign is full of hidden ideas and meanings.

We consider that the final approved version of the logo has its advantages because it has the holistic and completed form so the idea of Ekaterina has now a living form.

Guidelines on the use of the logo and corporate style.

About client:

Time is an unbelievable force. We ourselves choose the direction. Time on our way is a force of the wisdom we acquire. This is the brand clothes for successful people that live “now” and that choose the path of joy with an unbelievable quantity of the variations, when impossible is possible.