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Aivako company was founded in 2012 by two like-minded friends.

Vitaly is the only who differentiate JAVA from AJAX, became technical director. Not only differentiate he the only one understood that it is not the brand of the motorcycle or football club.

Igor had experience working in the bank and diploma of economist, he decided that he is the best in spending the money right and communicate with clients, he became — operational director.

Later Sergey joined us and now he is our senior designer. Sergey loves comicbooks, tabele gaumes and drawing. Sergey likes to provide valuable advices, such as: “This could make the situation better or spoil everything. We need to observe.”

Katerina came after Sergey and became the head of the frontend and layout department. Kate loves to read strange books and her pug Andrey. So it turned out that Katya and Sergei love each other and live together. Igor and Vitaly are also very fond of them and respect them, but they do not live with them.

In the company there are a lot of chairs, desks and computers, that is why the most reasonable what we could do with these basic means — create webpages (corporative, sites – business cards, internet shops and so on), information systems, browser games.

Commonly no one reads the section “About us” and if you have read till this place you have got big bonus to your skills, intellect and strength, as well as a lot of love and light. We will be glad to co-operate with you and for you.

Kind regards, Aivako.

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